What We Do

Hi, I'm Anastasia. Your might know me as a photographer, but something I have discovered is how much I love collaborating with other creative entrepreneurs. That's why I launched Anastasia Creative.

There are so many ways we can work together to achieve the results you want for your business. Whether you are here to learn from us, or work with us, we offer a variety of opportunities from workshops and retreats to one on one mentoring sessions. brand photography, styling and complete social media packages.

Our team of expert creatives will work with you to make sure your story is seen and shared. We'll teach you how to expand your influence with digital marketing strategies we use in our own businesses and openly share what's worked for us (and what hasn't) so you can spend less time experimenting and more time on your priorities.

Speaking of priorities, we're pretty good at that too. We can help you set them and stick to them in ways that suit your lifestyle and personality. At Anastasia Creative, we want you to live as hard as your work because your story and motivation are what makes your brand stand out.


We believe in being relentlessly loyal, generous and curious, even when it is risky. Nothing gives us more pleasure then working with a brand as if we are a member of that team and sharing everything we have learned, the successes and the setbacks, the highs and the lows. It all belongs and it all inspires.

Nobody is going to love your business as much as you do. Whatever it may be, a concept, a product, or idea, when you launch yourself into the work you have a small window to capture attention and gain trust. We think that the passion and authenticity that led you to create your business in the first place is the key to telling stories that attract the perfect clients for your brand.

Let's connect and see if we are a fit for you.



Anastasia Chomlack

Photographer . Mentor . Collaborator

Anastasia is passionate about storytelling, capturing moments and generously sharing her expertise with creative and business owners as a partner, collaborator and mentor.

As an entrepreneur's daughter, she's often felt that business was in her blood and she feels lucky to have waded through a lot of creative confusion early in her career. Anastasia credits her decision to be the photographer she wanted to be, not the photographer she though she had to be, with defining her authentic photography style and providing so much personal and professional fulfillment.

Later in her career, building a network of people with shared values and interests and being relentlessly loyal, generous and curios opened up a new passion in her for mentoring women. In 2016, she launched two new women-centered businesses, just months before being diagnosed with cancer. And life went a little upside down.

Anastasia's regular routine of coffee with friends, photographing beautiful young couples and loving families, traveling around the world on adventures, and being on the mountain with her kids quickly became doctor visits, surgeries, strict diets, chemotherapy, hospitals, injections and more strict diets.

Being forced to slow down and take care of her health, the same thought kept coming back; the though that she could link the exact path of people and moments that moved her ahead in her career and life to actual experiences or meaningful conversations. Anastasia knew if she returned to her businesses, she wanted to pass that on. She wanted to talk and connect, inspire and encourage, even help with healing things that keep people from living full and genuine lives. With Anastasia Creative, she helps businesses create authentic content and tell fearless stories to connect them with the people who will appreciate their work the most. This, along with spending time with friends and family, is what inspires her the most.


I love collaborating with amazing women and have an incredible team of stylists, copywriters and hair and make up artists. You can request a particular person for your project or I can create the team I think best fits your needs.


Jessie McNaught

Stylist . Creative Director

As a freelance stylist and creative director, Jessie collects and arranges things to tell visual stories - stories about incredible people and the original things they create - stories about the memories you make and the people you make them with.

Ever since she can remember, Jessie has been tinkering and rearranging her surroundings to enhance their beauty. Inevitably this led her to design school, where Jessie found her everything in the art of creating atmosphere - atmosphere that inspires your senses and makes you feel something beyond the ordinary.

Shortlisted for the Vogue scholarship in her graduating year, Jessie moved on to work as an assistant stylist for one of Australia’s leading photographer/stylists. During this time Jessie worked on projects for Disney, Australia’s Next Top Model, Foxtel and dressed numerous Australian celebrities for events and premiers, to name a few.

As a professional stylist, Jessie's intention is to make you feel authentically beautiful and excited by your brand and the products or services you’ve created.

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Michelle Leroux

Copy Writer . Content Creator for Instagram

Michelle Leroux, is a content creator and freelance public relations professional who homesteads in Pemberton. So, don't mind all the dirt under her fingernails...it doesn't get in the way of her day job.

Besides collaborating with Anastasia Creative, Michelle’s current clients include the Sea to Sky Gondola (media relations), West Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival (social media) and Scandinave Spa Whistler (social media). Michelle is also a Senior Associate for Hawksworth Communications in Vancouver and is the lead for their client Vail Resorts.

Michelle has a passion for community, storytelling and building awareness for notable events and destinations and thinks that crafting memorable, irreverent and intelligent copy for brands is fun.