What We Do

Hi, I'm Anastasia. You might know me as a photographer but something I have discovered is how much I love collaborating with other creative entrepreneurs. That's why I launched Anastasia Creative.

Anastasia Creative is born from a passion to build a network of creative experts with shared values and interests so we solve the content problem many creative businesses face and share everything we have learned along the way. We help brands discover, capture and communicate what makes them amazing and unique.

Whether you are here to learn from us, or work with us, your brand has a story the deserves to be seen and shared. My team and I are here to help.

There are so many ways we can work together to achieve the results you want for your business - we offer a variety of learning opportunities from workshops, retreats and one on one mentoring sessions. Or we can work together. Anastasia Creative offers a suite of services including discovery and refinement of your brand essence and values in a creative consult; working with our stylist and Anastasia to capture you and your business beautifully; and collaboration on digital marketing strategies and communications planning for distribution. These services are all available so you can get the most out of your investment.  


Whatever it may be, a concept, product, or idea, when you put yourself out into the world you have to do it with intention, clarity, and focus. Nobody is going to love your business as much as you do. You have such a small window to capture attention, gain trust and inspire buy-in. The photography we create together will empower you to tap into the passion and authenticity that led you to create your business in the first place.

Our core values at Anastasia Creative are to be relentlessly loyal, generous and curious, even when it's risky. Nothing gives us more pleasure then working with a brand as if we are a member of that team and sharing everything we have learned, the successes and the set-backs, the top tips and the pitfalls. It all belongs and it all inspires. Let’s connect and see if we are a fit for you.



Photographer . Mentor . Collaborator

Anastasia Chomlack

Anastasia is passionate about storytelling, capturing moments and generously sharing her expertise with creatives and business owners     as a partner, collaborator and teacher. What   inspires her the most is connecting with         like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs, and sharing everything she has learned as a creative entrepreneur. Through fifteen years forging a living as a photographer, Anastasia can look back and see an exact path of people and moments  that moved her ahead in her career, and in her life. In a world full of how-to lists, tutorials and productivity apps, each leap forward was linked, somewhere along the way, to an actual experience or meaningful conversation. Anastasia Creative helps businesses create quality, intentional content, and communicate their unique stories effectively.

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Stylist . Creative Director

Jessie McNaught

As a freelance stylist and creative director, Jessie collects and arranges things to tell visual stories - stories about incredible people and the original things they create - stories about the memories you make and the people you make them with.

As a professional stylist, Jessie's intention is to make you feel authentically beautiful and excited by your brand and the products or services you’ve created.


Copy Writer . Content Creator

Michelle Leroux

Michelle Leroux, is a content creator and freelance public relations professional who homesteads in Pemberton. So, don't mind all the dirt under her fingernails...it doesn't get in the way of her day job.

Besides collaborating with Anastasia Creative, Michelle’s current clients include the Sea to Sky Gondola (media relations), West Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival (social media) and Scandinave Spa Whistler (social media). Michelle is also a Senior Associate for Hawksworth Communications in Vancouver and is the lead for their client Vail Resorts.

Michelle has a passion for community, storytelling and building awareness for notable events and destinations and thinks that crafting memorable, irreverent and intelligent copy for brands is fun.