All of You

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For when it’s time to get new photos

evocative, meaningful, custom images that don’t look like anyone else’s

and create a HUGE database of ready-to-go custom images

that you can use EVERY SINGLE DAY (because you’ll get 500-700 photos!)

Let’s make the gorgeous media you need to share your message … all of you … with the world.

But first, a story.

ANA_6061 10.41.45 PM.JPG

This happens every single time… 


I’m here to photograph her studio and artisanal macarons -- they’re works of art and like nothing I’ve ever seen before -- and everything in her space is gorgeous. The way the light hits the counters, the curve of every spoon.

But soon the real magic announces itself.

I’m snapping pics, we’re talking, and it turns out that the hazelnuts she uses are from her own trees. Once a year, at just the right time, her whole family comes out and shakes trees and collects pails of ‘em. They dry them across weeks. At just the right time, she cracks them open, crunches them up into nougat and wraps them in chocolate.

And that’s not all. The teeny-tiny meringue drops are made from eggs from her own chickens.

Who is this miraculous woman?!

There’s more.

In her twenties, she had a serious eating disorder. Learning how to cook, and eventually learning to become a chocolatier and an artisanal candy maker, was one of the ways she healed her relationship with food. It’s how she became herself.

I’m inspired and enchanted. The reason her chocolates are magic is because she is magic.

I need to photograph every little detail. The trees, the chickens, the chocolate molds, the polaroids pinned to a string on her office wall.

I need to photograph her.

Her business needs us to photograph her.

No one else can be her. She is irreplaceable and her story is amazing.

And we -- her audience, her customers, other women, her children, the world -- are hungry for that story. All of that story. All of her.

All of you.


"Working with Anastasia and her team is pure joy. Every detail is attended to, but there's still so much creative flow. She got the essence of who I am and what I want to offer to the world. And I got a boatload of images... so generous."
- Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Desire Map


I want women to take up space in our culture. I want us to tell our stories. I want us to cultivate the visibility we need to grow our businesses. I want you to have the evocative, authentic, storytelling images you need to easily show up and do that, day in and day out.

And while we take those photos, I want you to be witnessed. I want to fill your cup. I want to remind you of where you came from and who you are.

I do not want you to have to perform a character -- in your photos, online, or anywhere. I want you to be able to show up in your business (and for us!) as yourself. I want you to catch a glimpse of the magic the rest of us see when we see you.

All of you.


It’s time for a photo shoot.

You’re launching something. Your creative director says you need content. We’re the pros and we’ll get every shot on the shot list. And I am going to deliver so much more. I will delight you with the details and photos that don’t look like anyone else’s. Your team will no longer need stock photos because you’ll a massive archive of custom images that are deeply personal and saturated with feeling. People who know you will see them and RECOGNIZE you people who don’t know you will see them and GET you. Your images will match depth of our work. It’s not just a photo shoot. I create an experience that honours all of you.


All of You is part personal photo shoot.

Part magazine editorial (think: racks of clothes, a stylist who pulled them, hair and make-up, a concept, a shot list…) Part brand photography. Part pro headshots and portraits (like, 200+ of them!) Part custom photo database (500-700+ images!!) with more than a year of deeply personal social media content -- all edited, all high resolution, and all the rights are yours, always. Part all-day social media strategizing with me Part witnessing, radical affirmation and cup-filling. Part surprise and delight (I can’t tell you more lest I ruin your surprise).

All authentically you.


I’ve been a professional photographer for more than a decade, doing product photography, magazine editorials, professional headshots and portraits

  • Strange-but-true Career Story: I was once selected to photograph Archbishop Desmond Tutu...and then he broke his ankle and the shoot was scrapped

  • I founded a very successful wedding photography business and in 2016 I turned my own wedding photography business into a collective that employs X photographers

  • I teach workshops to women entrepreneurs on how to develop your visual language and your own unique and meaningful Instagram strategy

  • I’ve photographed well known online entrepreneurs, founders of start-ups, and solopreneurs just starting out


“My day felt very much like a group of my closest girlfriends came together to dress me up, feed me, love on me and take pictures of the whole thing. All the details taken care of, even the ones you didn’t even know were important. Everyone who was involved in the day brought another layer of love and joy to the whole experience, like it had been perfectly choreographed and arranged ahead of time with each showing up at the exact right moment to share their special part."
Aimee Decaigny, Doterra Canada


All of You is a one-day photoshoot that includes;

  • Wardrobe

  • Hair and Make Up

  • 200+ Headshots and Portraits

  • Product photography

  • Workspace/home photography

  • A library of 500-700 edited images

  • All photos are high-resolution

  • All photos are edited

  • You own all the rights to your photos, in perpetuity (no extra fees or licenses)

As well as;

  • a detailed pre-session questionnaire we use to plan your most relaxing day ever

  • a style board created for you based on your dream wardrobe, plus clothing pulled from local boutiques in gorgeous colours and luxurious fabrics

  • professional advice on how to dress your irreplaceable body for for everyday, portraits, and occasions

  • includes a bonus mini friends and family photo session perfect for social media and marketing or for sharing with your inner circle

  • a mentoring/strategy session to bring joy and authenticity to your personal or professional life. Take part in a cognitive exercise designed to pinpoint who you are without limits, and see how this truth can help you achieve your personal and professional goals with less effort and more joy

  • locally catered snacks and meals delivered throughout the day, plus your favourite beverages all day long



First, you and I go wide and deep. We meet for a consultation in which I ask revelatory questions. I listen for your story and the visual symbols that will telegraph it. I pay attention to detail and I prepare, prepare, prepare. I collect the important details (measurements, ______; and attend to the logistics.

Then I come to you.

Take the logistics OFF YOUR plate. You don’t have add a cascade of tasks to your to-do list to make this shoot happen; you don’t have to pack up or travel anywhere. We will come to you.

My stylist and I arrive at your house -- or your office, bakery, studio or a location that’s meaningful to you -- with everything we’re going to need for the day.

You don’t have to do, or organize, a thing. We’ve got it.

We roll in with a rack of carefully curated clothes that are pure you. (My stylist has pulled them for you based on our consultation.) Not a straight size? Don’t worry. We’ve got lots of sources and connections and my stylist has dressed all bodies, beautifully. We’ll make sure to pull clothes that are right for you, whether you’re plus size or petite.

We bring flowers. We bring food. We bring lights and cameras. We bring surprises. You bring you.

We’ll work through nerves. We’ll connect. You don’t have to worry about posing because this isn’t about posing or being photogenic. It’s about letting you shine through. And you will.

There will be a magic moment when I look through my lens and catch my breath because there you are -- in all your magnificence, goofiness, intelligence, you’i’ness. Who am I kidding? There will be lots of moments like that. And lots and lots of photos like that.

Photos where all of you shines through.

"What a process, unravelling and capturing your whole story - at the end of the day I felt very full with the total experience of getting my photos    taken. And then my photos showed up and again, my world got fuller.
Thank-you Anastasia + team for helping me define me as well as creating the imagery that helps me express myself and remind me who I am. This arsenal of imagery is helping me rebrand my website and acting as the visual agent for me finding and using my voice on social media and everything else. The best gift I have ever given myself or my business."
Andrea Helleman Maven Business + Life Development


During the day, I’ll also take time to photograph your products or books and the space you make them in.

I’ll wander around, taking pictures of the light and tiny details that maybe no one else notices but are unmistakably you…and these pictures are going to tell your story on Instagram for days to come.


Those detail photos? You’re going to end up with a database of 500-700 carefully curated images that tell the story of you and your business in a way that only you can.

No more boring, impersonal stock photos for you!

Now you’ll have a yearlong (or more) supply of personal, polished, carefully curated photos for your business that don’t look like anyone else’s because they are all you.

( the end of the day, if your family is home, let’s sneak them in so you have touching, intimate family portraits, too!)


“From taking pictures of plant-based food and creating the most beautiful flat lays for the Green Moustache, to making me feel like a gazillion bucks during the Women series photoshoot for Richer Health, Anastasia always brings fresh ideas and insights to the table to make sure I go home with a ton of mesmerizing pictures. A photo can say more than a 1000 words. It is my experience that Anastasia can captivate exactly that what you want to put out there into an image. She is skilled, creative and a pleasure to work with. And that is exactly why I turn to her for all my projects, big or small.”
Nicolette Richer, owner The Green Moustache + Richer Health


To recap, here’s what All of You includes:

  • Pre-shoot brand consultation (using my Anastasia Creative Inquiry process)

  • An all-day photo shoot at your home or workplace or indoor location that’s significant to you

  • Hair, Makeup, Stylist, Wardrobe (our stylist pulls a shoot wardrobe for you)

  • 200+ carefully curated, finished headshots and body shots -- portraits! -- of you

  • 500-700 images -- products, storytelling details -- you can share on Instagram

    • A lot of photographers give you a handful of photos that they ___

    • You get all the images, they’re all edited, you get all the rights for all time, they’re all high resolution

    • Use them in print runs, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, your website...

  • A Brand Book -- A Summary of Your Brand Story that distills your unique essence into a narrative. Your values, your products, your life, your little birds -- in other words, how you want to make a difference and your message. A mood board. It makes the shoot goals tangible, serves as a guide, use it as a style guide for your brand that you can share with your team and contractors. Also: it helps you get really clear on your story.

  • All day, organic strategizing. I ask the right questions. Thought and intention. I want to help you see what I see and how to post with intention.

  • A nourishing and personally transformative experience, if I do say so myself (I do -- and so do my clients!)


You have a story that is only yours to tell.

Let’s create evocative images -- hundreds of them! -- so you can authentically tell your story in a way that’s all you.

All of You is $4,500 + travel