Brand Photography + Styling




Step 1

We start with a pre-session questionnaire designed to get you thinking about your vision and ideals. We’ve kept it light and breezy so we get all the information we need, and you can complete it with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. You’ll answer the basics about your products and services, current clients and and target market plus some open-ended questions designed to get you in a creative mindset. We'll use this information to prepare for your envisioning session.



Step 2

The envisioning session can be completed in person or over Skype. Either way, prepare to set aside and hour and a half you can dedicate to gathering around a table with our team. We’ll be excited to hear your ideas and present you with some of the suggestions for visual and written content we’ve imagined for you. By the end of the session, we’ll be ready to write up visual guidelines for your brand and set a date for your styling and photography session. Prepare to get creative!




Step 3

We come to you. Where you live, work and unwind is a large part of your story. Using your customized plan for creative direction and styling concepts, we'll dive right into styling and photographing you and your business with consistency, originality and the full attention of our supportive team. If you’re not 100% comfortable in front of the camera we’ll provide the music, props, tea or tequila and limes to get you there. Our photo shoots are relaxed affairs and often the most memorable part of Anastasia Creative’s brand building process.



Step 4

Finally, you’ll receive a library of original professional images to power your brand’s needs for both digital and traditional marketing and, after all the hours you spent with us, you’ll know exactly how to use them to get the most value from your investment. Your walk through steps 1-3 includes an ongoing conversation with the entrepreneurs on our team. We’ll answer all your marketing questions and show you how we’ve managed to create a work/life balance. Yes, it’s possible! The time you save on social media alone can be spent relaxing or ticking things off your bucket list. It’s up to you!

See examples of client Galleries here.


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