Instagram Workshops

Looking to up your Instagram game or trying to find your voice within the social media world? Join one of our Instagram workshops where we share all our tips and tricks to live more authentically online whilst still growing your business.



All Day Instagram Workshop

These day-long workshops are perfect for entrepreneurs or anyone trying to live more authentically online. We lead the class through identifying their social purpose, building core messages and establishing content. Then we implement the strategies in real time, together.  Learn about our favourite tools to streamline workflow and strategies to boost engagement so you can maximize your online efforts.

Learn to schedule and curate your Instagram feed for a whole month.  Posting with intention and authenticity is the goal – not to mention the fact that you will be on your phone less! It is possible. As a class we get clear on what our hopes, wishes, and goals are for Instagram, we strategize on growing audiences with the right people, and we implement tools to streamline the workflow. 


Instagram Drop-ins

2 hour Instagram drop-in classes discussing a new topic every class.

Available for a limited time only.


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December 2nd All Day Instagram $225