Learn With Us

"Well now that we have seen each other, said the unicorn. If you believe in me, I'll believe in you."

- Lewis Carroll


Why learn with us? Because we are willing to give it all away. With heart. With intention.

We are in that place in life where what inspires us the most is to connect with like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs and share everything we have learned over the last ten years. (Hopefully around a table with yummy green drinks, steaming cups of tea or hand-crafted cocktails in hand…depending on the time of day, of course.) We want to be the person we wish we had back when we were growing our careers.

Collaborating, sharing, networking and bringing people together is our favourite thing in the world. Actually, we believe this is our life’s true purpose.

If you are a creative entrepreneur who wants to move forward fearlessly and generously with your art and with your business, we are excited to offer a host of workshops, private mentoring sessions, and retreats all designed to help you;

  • Identify opportunites

  • Realize your potential

  • Define your brand's essence

  • Communicate your message

Then, release your work into the world, with clarity, confidence and intention.


Entrepreneur Mentoring

Customizable, three hour uninterrupted consultation in  person or via Skype. You choose what you want to focus on.


Mentoring for Photographers

The all-day mentoring session for photographers includes business coaching, a portfolio review, tips for developing your unique style and a styled shoot for hands-on learning.


Instagram Workshops

These day-long workshops are the perfect for entrepreneurs or anyone trying to live more authentically online. We lead the class through identifying their social purpose, crafting inspiring messages and creating compelling images. Then we implement the strategies in real time, together. The best thing about holding space for these workshops, besides all the learning and Instagram "aha moments" that happen, is the connection that are made and the learning that happens through networking opportunities and participants sharing the tips and tricks that they have picked up along the way.



We are about to announce the dates for our 2019 retreat. Please leave your email for information about pre registration.

We are inviting women to come together to support each other in cultivating a magical weekend of healing and deep connection. We will move, create, feast and laugh together. Along with several talented facilitators and teachers, Megan Pischke and Anastasia Chomlack will share their passions, stories and wisdom from their own life experiences.